Monday, October 19, 2009

Old Komuso Monks Shakuhachi

I am playing a Myoan Jinashi shakuhachi made around the turn of the century or as late the 1920's. It's has a sharp Chi and flat Ri, which is common on old flutes of this period. It's a bit of a struggle to play (in modern tuning), but I love the sound.

The funny thing is I was at a koto workshop with the extraordinary Yoko Hiraoko that morning and was just coming home on the subway. But as I waited for the train the tunnel it was the old flute that beckoned, not my modern 1.8 I' had been playing all morning. Go figure.

This old 1.7 Komuso Monk flute is available along with others.

The flutes pictured on my couch ranges from $300 - $2,000. The Nobe 1.8 and Choukan 2.8 YUNG flutes are spoken for. The others are Japanese made 1.8 Tensei Rebirth/Recycle instruments. Please inquire directly at perry (at) yungflutes (dot) com.

A deep bow, Perry