Saturday, November 7, 2009

2.9 Choukan Bass Hocchiku Shakuhachi Flutes

This is an all natural Choukan long bass shakuhachi made in the Hocchiku style in respect to Watazumi, the eccentric Komuso Monk who brought the experience of the shakuhachi back to it's origins by playing Zen Honkyoku music on completely natural, organic shakuhachi instruments. Hocchiku shakuhachi work much like the modern shakuhachi. They are fully functional instruments that work into the third octave otherwise they could not play the Dokyoku music. The main difference is in how the flute behaves. Hocchiku are organic so the pitches need more embouchure adjustments and the volume is softer and more precarious. The Hocchiku tone instantly evokes bamboo while the modern shakuhachi tone brings me to a concert stage. One is not better than the other, only different, unique unto themselves like people. I learned to make and understand Hocchiku under Kinya Sogawa, who studied Dokyoku music under Katsuya Yokoyama, who studied under Watazumi himself. As a shakuhachi artist supported by both the American and Japanese governments, it is my mission to help spread the shakuhachi with clarity. The experience of the shakuhachi in all it's traditions are open to anyone. Please feel free to ask any questions what so ever.

Watazumi Doso Roshi

Thanks for visiting. A deep bow, Perry

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