Saturday, April 18, 2009

Here is today's Student level Wooden Japanese made 1.8 length shakuhachi.

I enjoy collecting these and fine tuning them so that they operate at a higher level in response and tone production. As a maker, it's interesting for me to see how I can improve them with simple adjustments, usually by undercutting the tone holes. Once they leave my shop, they produce a wider range of tone color, much closer to the dynamic qualities of a fine bamboo shakuhachi. It comes apart in the middle in two-pieces, just like the modern two-piece bamboo instrument.

When these wooden flutes were first made in Japan, the manufacturers hired professional musicians to fine tune them before they left the factory. These days, non shakuhachi players are employed to do the finishing work, resulting in flutes with less dynamic range. This one now plays like a fine hand tuned instrument.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions what so ever.
Have a great day! Perry

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  1. Hello, Perry! What is wood? Maple? How do these spots?