Monday, April 13, 2009

Shakuhachi and Theater

As Oedipus in Ellen Stewart's Oedipus the King

Many around the globe know me as a Shakuhachi craftsman and performer but my first profession is in the theater. In the past 5 years, since my children were bore, I've had to focus on the shakuhachi work (not that I am complaining!) because that allowed me to work at home and be involved with child raring. Working in the theater means a lot of time spent on rehearsals, performance runs and touring. My partner and I decided it would be more beneficial to focus on shakuhachi for a while. But, now that she has an embarked on her academic career and the kids are a little older, I can go back to the theater. I am so excited to start rehearsals tonight with Ellen Stewart's new La MaMa theater production.

Because it's difficult for me to separate the two these days, I will try to make the shakuhachi a part of the performance. Let's see where I can sneak it in :)

New flute production will slow down but the commissions and repairs will still go on. As always, your instruments are a extremely important to me and they will continue to be worked on with mindfulness and finished in a timely fashion.

More to come....


  1. Congratulations. what a rare gem indeed.

  2. Thanks! Theater and shakuhachi is both very much about being in the moment! Much like having children too! :)