Sunday, March 29, 2009

Taxi Accident

There was a horrible accident on the corner of my block two days ago. A taxi jumped the curb and slammed into the corner Pizzeria. 7 people were injured.

I stand on this corner everyday, more than once. I have two friend who have been injured in Taxi accidents in the past. This is a reminder of the non drug or other crime related dangers of NYC.

What does this entry have to do with shakuhachi? Well, we caught a cab to the Hot Peas and Butter gig yesterday morning, from that very corner.

The show was fun to say the least. I enjoy collaborating with world musicians all the time and I sometimes I get to do that with my partner. It was fun just playing music and watching the dance with no other worries. The child care provider watched with Sasa and Jet from the audience and took the pics. Sasa's been practicing with the ribbons and will perform with us at next weeks show in Brooklyn.


  1. man, i always tried to keep my worries about stuff like this in the back of my mind when i was there. i came close to getting hit by very fast rude bike riders a few times which can be quite horrible as a friend of mine was hit by one.

    sending good vibes your way! jon~

  2. Thanks! Now I stand away from the corner when waiting for the light.

    Hope you are well!