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Testimonials and Endorsements

Hi all, I've been sort of tied up dealing with my hacked website. My webmistress and I decided to build a new site. So, I'm in the process of gathering my material. I will start posting the content for the new site here on blogspot before it gets moved to the new site.

Here are some testimonials. This page will be updated.
Enjoy! Namaste, Perry

"I suggest that while you are in New York you contact Perry Yung, who is making excellent instruments right here in New York, and some of them are very reasonably priced. Perry is a wonderful person...You could visit him, pick a flute, and take an introductory lesson, or maybe two or three lessons before you leave New York."- Ralph Samuelson, Kinko Master New York City. Jan, 2009

"Hi Perry, I received the flutes today. Real nice work. I appreciate your time and the care you put into repairing these really did a fantastic job. I really like the way everything was done. Thank you very much.
- Kyle Kamal Helou, Karate Sensei, Shakuhachi teacher, Beirut Lebanon. Jan, 2009

"I feel that Perry Yung's emergence on the scene of the shakuhachi world is one of the most exciting developments in a long time; one that many shakuhachi players have been waiting for."
- Michael Chikuzen Gould - shakuhachi master, Dokyoku style. Cleveland, Ohio, 2005

"I have known Perry Yung for the past five years and continue to be
impressed with his work making and repairing shakuhachi. Last year we collaborated on a way cool new shakuhachi design with Western scale tuning (C major), and it was a pleasure to work together. Perry is knowledgeable about all aspects of shakuhachi design and construction, thorough and conscientious in his work, and a great
asset to the growing shakuhachi community in the West. I happily
recommend Perry Yung flutes".

- James Nyoraku Schlefer, Dai-Shi-Han, New York City, 2005

"Perry is one of the most creative shakuhachi makers I know. He has spent considerable time studying the basics of construction and his instrumentsrival some of the best in quality, but from there he takes the shakuhachi to
new levels of freedom and, to our great delight, fun."

- Christopher Yomei Blasdel Dai Shihan, author of the Single Tone and Shakuhachi: a Learning Manuel, Tokyo, Japan March, 2006

"Perry Yung is a rare man to find in the Shakuhachi World today. Perry may well prove to be one of the handful of non-Japanese that can make a Shakuhachi in the traditional style - equal to the best of the Japanese makers themselves. There's just no stopping him and his talents!"
- Ronnie Nyogetsu Reishin Seldin, Grandmaster, March 22, 2006

I have used Perry's shakuhachi in performance and on recordings with good results. He is an honest and enthusiastic maker. I recommend
Perry's flutes from his student models up through his professional
root-end models.
- Brian Ritchie, Jun Shihan, Violent Femmes Tasmania March, 2006

"I have been playing shakuhachi on stage for twenty five years, including broadway shows, dance performances and recordings on movie scores and CDs. And I always go back to Perry's Jinashi shakuhachi. His shakuhachi are so spiritual and personal. He will certainly be known as a great maker."
- Yukio Tsuji, Award winning composer. New York City, 2004

"Perry Yung bamboo flutes are beautifully made. I have several of them and each flute has a distinct and wonderful sound that will reflect and mirror the soul of the player. These flutes conjure up the wisdom from the past as well as the visions from the future. On whatever level you are playing music your life will be enhanced You can hear the sound of trees, mountains, skies and rivers. The voices of little children the voices of older people who have picked so much rice they cannot stand erect any longer. Yet they are flying with the sound. I buy these flutes to find these voices and hear their messages. Ancient songs coming from the act of breathing into bamboo. Songs and sounds that can change the world. Every one should play a flute made by Perry Yung what a wonderful world it would be."

- William Parker, Professional musician, August 2007

"Almost all shakuhachi need repairing at some point, and we are lucky to have in the United States a craftsperson as skilled as Perry Yung. He is able to diagnose problems quickly and accurately, and he does only what is necessary to correct a flute's problems or to enhance its responsiveness and musicality. I trust Perry completely with my most valued instruments. In addition, his own excellent and reasonably-priced flutes have significantly lowered the cost of entry for students who want to start right out on a finely crafted bamboo shakuhachi."

- Phil Nyokia James, Shi Han, Maine, 2008

"Perry Yung, you are truly amazing and you may quote me until the cows come home!
With deep appreciation."

- Steve Elson, Baritone sax for David Bowie, New York, 2007

"You are an American National Treasure. Still enjoying my two Yung flutes!"
- D.B. Ohio, 2009

Your flutes are masterful works of art! I was a student in a Bujutsu dojo for 13 years, until family responsibilities became too great to continue. I recognize the quality and standards in your flutes, that I was exposed to through my Sensei. These are standards that are rarely, if ever found in the U.S.
- Steve Potts, 2009

" I ordered a "Daily Zen" flute because I was intrigued by what Perry would do with the very simplest type of shakuhachi.... ji-nashi, no urushi even, just bamboo and holes. The result was pretty amazing! One can get such interesting colors and overtones, always a little different each time. The flute was actually quite in tune with itself, and able to be blown close to a pitch meter as well, with a little attention on the player's part (which is a good thing!) The notes all sounded easily first time playing. I find myself indeed playing it almost daily! Overall an amazing flute for the price...quite excellent to explore the no-frills, ji-nashi world on a limited budget. "Daily Zen" is quite an appropriate name for the series.
- Glenn Swan, shakuhachi teacher and professional performer. 2008

"Received your 1.8 Chikusing today. A magnificent shakuhachi. So beautiful a rootend. I have a new friend. "
J.S. - Nagasaki, Japan 2003

" Perry Yung is an expert. He made my Kawase Junsuke I vintage master flute play 100% better. At first I was a bit nervous about getting my instrument fine tuned but after talking with Perry, I felt at ease as he explained carefully what he would. The outcome was superb. I can now use my Kawase in modern playing situations. It now has more flexibility and power yet it retained the classic depth of sound that can get lost in retuning. I was very very impressed and will be sending Perry more of my vintage shakuhachi instruments!"
- Michel Dubeau, professional musician, recording artist, Montreal Canada. 2008

"Perry, I received the shakuhachi yesterday, everything is perfect!"
- Bruno Dechenes, Professional shakuhachi musician and teacher, Montreal Canada. 2008

"Hi Perry! I got my flute today! Great instrument!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am very happy!!! Good tuning, good tone (very flexible), fairly easy to play (still I'll have to get used to it...)Thank you very, very, very much!!! I am happy I found you!! - C.M Ontario, Canada

Follow up:
I played it again tonight, the flute is exactly what I was looking for (and what you told me...)
You contribute to create a better world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks again! Claude

3rd Follow up:
Your 2.8 has become my favorite instrument.

- Claude M,Professional musician, Montreal Canada. 2004

"Like a fresh breath of air come your shakuhachi, is an amazing discovery to play a long flute and Ji-Nashi!"
- Antonio Olias, Professional musician, Madrid, Spain, 2004

Follow up:
"I have been playing the 2.8 for up to 8 hours everyday. My body is getting used to long flutes. The Ro is so big. I am glad I discovered the Jinashi. Others have heard me play both the 1.8 and your 2.8 and they say yours ( the 2.8) is a real shakuhachi. I can't wait to show my teachers.
- Antonio, Spain

"Your shakuhachi is great. I am a professional xiao player, I find it so powerful, responsive, even on the top octave. It responds fast and even. And, in pitch! Let me know if I can do anything for you in Hong Kong.
- J.L Hong Kong, China. 2003

I just want to let you know that I'm very happy with the Chikusing 1.8 you've made for me , now I can tell you without doubts that you are a very good shakuhachi maker !!! Xie Xie!!!

- M.B, Shanghai, China 2003

"What a beauty! Perry, i am so impressed with this shak. It is the most gorgeous flute ever! It plays so easily and projects like an opera singer. So booming and subtle at the same time. I am so happy. i have a lesson soon and i am so excited about showing this off to my instructor. Thank you so much for everything. i am completely satisfied regardless of what my teacher might think. i can tell you now that i will be keeping this and your record will remain unblemmished in terms of satisfaction.
- J.A., Santa Cruz, CA 2003

"Dear Perry, Today i received your 2.4. I believe there are no words to describe what a beautifull 2.4 it is! The instrument is truly a masterpiece. I am very VERY happy...the sound is really warm, breathy and PURE, just the way I like it.
- K.T., Amsterdam,Holland. 2003

"I can play Kyorei, Hon Shirabe and am working on Tamuke. This week I got some folk songs to lighten up a bit. This is great fun and I must say that I use your flute most of the time.
- D.K., MN

"I've actually had it out in public, at a local music store, and everyone, (including the Rockers), was effusive in their praise of the sound of the instrument, so I know it's not just me that's happy with it. (We players can be seriously self-delusional at times, you know.)
Thank you for a wonderful instrument at a great price.

- B.H, CA.

"Such a nice instrument. Beautiful tones. Honto ni domo arigato gozaimasu.
- J.E., Canvey Island, Essex, United Kingdom.

I had to write to say that I have been playing your 2.3 shakuhachi everyday for the past month. The problem is, it is so responsive that it makes my older Japanese 1.8 and 1.9 difficult to play. I am looking to order a CHIKUSING 1.8 from you.
- J.W., Australia.

"A week into owning your beautiful 1.8, I just wanted to write and tell you, I can't put it down! It truly is the easiest playing flute I have ever tried! I had a chance to play this past weekend at the Humes Japanese Stroll Garden on LI, along with several other shakuhachi players. Everyone loved your flute! In fact ****used it on a few pieces he performed. You may be getting a call from a man named ****, who also plays and was very impressed with your work!
- K.S, NY. 2003

"Your choukan was a great hit at the (Colorado Shakuhachi) Camp, especially for those with the chops to play it well. It is truly a remarkable flute, and I want to thank you for letting in into my life.
- E.B., CO. 2003

"These comments are coming from one who has been playing very responsive "modern" ji-ari flutes almost exclusively. For the record, I have in my possession a very pretty ji-ari 2.1 by Gyokusui (the son) worth $2000--it isn't mine--and I'd put your 2.1 well ahead of it for playability and responsiveness, even up high.
- E.B., CO. 2003

"I have become a hermit and your 3.0 is partly to blame...your flutes are magic. I want to send you a CD recording I made with your 2.4.
- P.D., Vancouver, B.C. 2003

It is a marvelous instrument and he was very pleased with it. Approval from my teacher meant a lot to me as I am no judge, but now I have great confidence and feel proud to own this beauty. Thanks so much .
- L.G ., B.C. 2002

From Riley Lee's website interview with New Living Magazine:

"... there is a fellow in NYC that makes shakuhachi. His name and email is: Perry Yung, *******.com. His flutes are more of the 'homemade' variety, but are still very playable and in fact can be more visually pleasing than the cheaper ***** flutes. Perry's flutes are $200 or less, I think.
- Riley Lee, 2000

Read the full article here:

On Repairs:

For Gyokusui 1.8 - "Just a quick note to let you know that I picked up the flute this evening and the rich resonant sound came out immediately. Wonderful! Thank you for your careful and sensitive attention to the repair.
- P. Cooper, NYC

For Aoki Reibo 1.8 - " Perry, the flute looks AWESOME...You truly are an asset to the shakuhachi community!"
- L.Farrare NYC

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